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Email from Visitors to the site.

Congratulations on a fantastic job. It is a wonderful tribute to a phenomenal man. A true scholar of life and humanity as well as a talent beyond compare. It is the honor and privilege of my life to be considered his friend.

His Boswell
August 23, 2010

We are Tommy's neighbors and enjoy his showers during the spring, summer and fall as he sings opera on his days of cleansing with the window open.
He is one of the most compassionate and intelligent persons we have known and are blessed to have him as our neighbor.
August 18, 2010

I am a friend of Maria Lee Tilley (Duncan). She remembers meeting you back in 1943 or 1944 while she was serving as a Marine. She still talks about you. This would’ve been prior to your entering the military. I am wondering if you remember her and if maybe you would be willing to send her an autographed photo.

Thank you,
August 18, 2010

We've, my mom & husband, always loved him in "Best Foot Foward" & feel robbed that there wasn't more of him to be seen & heard. His one performance made him my favorite male vocalist of all time.

I would love to hear more of his life & to know what became of him. I am glad to see that finally something of him is online. I would like to know more about his singing & if any recordings are available for us to appreciate.

July 4, 2010

Editor: Click Here to see and hear Tommy Dix singing "Buckle Down Winsocki"

There is also a video of Tommy Dix singing "The Lord's Prayer" Click Here

I think your new Tommy Dix website is FANTASTIC! Thanks so much for sharing so much information about him. He was a unique entertainer, and one of America’s greatest singers! Perhaps you should form a “Winsocki Fan Club” --- I’d become a “buckled down” member in a heartbeat.

August 5, 2010


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