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Tommy Dix

Tommy Dix amazed America for the first time at the age of twelve when he appeared as a singer on Major Bowes’ Amateur Hour, the most popular radio show in the mid-1930s. Tommy’s unusually rich, deep baritone voice lit up the switchboard and forced Major Bowes to immediately invite him back for an encore. When he was sixteen he appeared before the mother of President Roosevelt at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel singing his own composition and then leading a large audience in a rendition of “Happy Birthday”. The following year he appeared on Broadway where he made the song “Buckle Down Winsocki” a nationwide pop favorite, and by the time he was nineteen he was starring opposite Lucille Ball in the M-G-M musical “Best Foot Forward.” For the next decade Tommy performed throughout the United States entertaining young and old alike with his amazing voice.

Our website reviews this unique performer’s life and career from his birth in New York City to his retirement. Join us as we explore the life of Tommy Dix, one of America’s most remarkable singers.

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